Improving working conditions in your clothing supply chain


Whatever your job – design to sales, merchandising to procurement– you can take steps to make your company’s supply chain a better place to work. The WellMade project can help you figure out where to start. Check out the resource section for lots of useful materials. And join our free seminars  at trade fairs and meetings throughout Europe. Click on the calendar below to find out where.


Where, when?

WellMade sessions are being held at trade fairs across Europe, so come join us!  WellMade sessions are free for visitors at all events listed here.

Why, who?

Click on the supply chain to see what we’re talking about. Choose your department in the brand to see more of what your role can be in making it wellmade.

What can I do?

There are no quick fixes. But if you can see the big picture, change is possible. Check our ‘Case Studies’ of common issues and the kinds of decisions that employees need to make as they work to improve supply chain conditions.