Improving working conditions in your clothing supply chain

Wellmade Events Calendar

WellMade sessions are offered at a wide range of trade fairs, professional events and in-house for apparel companies across Europe. WellMade sessions are highly interactive and free of charge.

The WellMade apparel session was presented a.o. at Munich Fabric Start, Pure London, Texworld Paris, Ethical Fashion Show Berlin and Performance Days. The WellMade procurement session was held at a.o. Meet Your Buyer (Gent, BE), NEVI Inkoopdag (Nieuwegein, NL) and Professional Clothing Show (Birmingham, UK).

Are you interested in a WellMade session at your event or as an in-house session at your brand’s headquarters? Please send an email to info@wellmade.org for the possibilities. The WellMade apparel in-house session was presented a.o. Dimensions (UK), Fond of Bags (DE), Amsterdam Fashion Institute (NL) and Bierbaum-Proenen (DE).