Improving working conditions in your clothing supply chain

Action Plan for Companies to Combat Child labour

Stop Child Labour aims to eliminate all forms of child labour and to ensure formal, full-time and quality education for all children, at least until the age of fifteen. The Action Plan contains concrete and useful advice about what buying companies can do to eliminate child labour, including working together with local governments, trade unions and local organisations and joining initiatives to eliminate child labour; paying adult workers well; drawing up contracts with suppliers to eliminate child labour from all their activities and also from the activities of their suppliers; facilitating the rescue and rehabilitation of child workers.

Factsheet child labour in the textile & garment industry

This fact sheet offers a number of suggestions for buying companies – such as buying houses, brands and retailers – to help ban child labour from all phases of their supply chains, from the sourcing of raw materials to the stitching of final products, and to rehabilitate any child workers they might come across.

Business and the fight against child labour

This publication documents efforts by businesses and employers’ organizations in India, Brazil and South Africa to combat child labour.  This research is particularly useful to employers and their organizations, policy makers and others with an interest in strengthening the contribution of businesses to eliminate child labour.

Captured by Cotton

This report highlights several labour rights violations faced by girls and young women employed under the Sumangali Scheme in the Tamil Nadu garment industry.

Still ‘captured by cotton’?

An update on the original ‘Captured by Cotton’ report about the Sumangali forced labour scheme in Tamil Nadu, South India.

Maid in India

In this report findings on the labour conditions in the South Indian garment and textile industry are presented.  Thousands of girls work under recruitment and employment schemes like Sumangali that amount to bonded labour.  The report features case studies of four large Tamil Nadu-based garment manufacturers.

Bonded (child) labour in the Indian garment industry

In the past few years, a number of garment brands as well as European and American politicians have started to take action against bonded (child) labour in South India, known as the Sumangali Scheme.  This report highlights developments and areas which still require further action.

Child labour policy

This paper discussions common issues surrounding child labour, and Fair Wear Foundation’s policies for detecting, preventing and remediating child labour in supply chains.

Child labour briefing

Briefing covering the basics of child labour; the challenges around detecting it; responsibilities of companies and what they should do, plus tools and other resources.