Improving working conditions in your clothing supply chain

7: Health & Safety

The creation of clothing, footwear, bags and other products often involves the use of potentially hazardous chemicals, processes and equipment.

Brands can do a lot to protect workers by knowing the impact of different production methods. Choosing less risky materials and processes – or ensuring that workers are properly trained and have the right safety equipment – have direct effects on the welfare of workers.

Education on health and safety issues – and enforcement of rules – is not always up to international standards in production countries. Brands doing business in these areas should understand common risks and know how to prevent or remedy problems when they are found.

Aside from direct choices – like avoiding sandblasting – there are other steps brands can take to support safer factories. Owners are much more likely to invest in proper health and safety equipment and training if they have stable relationships with customers.  There is much more incentive to invest in preventive measures if you know your factory will still be open a year from now.

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